Injection tooling ranging from a few kilos up to 3 tonnes is manufactured to your specifications and we maintain total control and responsibility for the entire process.

Our versatility provides options for high production tools and for "proto" production tools. Proto-tools is a cost effective way to reduce small production requirements. No job is too small for us!

Along with our own in-house capabilities, we have strong ties with local vendors. These relationships allow us to offer high precision, high quality tooling at economical and competitive prices. We work closely with each customer to source the most appropriate option for their needs.

Makino S33 – CNC MILL.
Makino SP43 – CNC WEDM.
Makino CNC Spark EDM.
Perfect Surface Grinders.
Verticle Mills.
Hardness Testing.

Our Confidence. Our Guarantee*

Class 101 Mold Guaranteed to 500,000 Multi Cavity
Class 102 Mold Guaranteed to 200,000 Cold & Hot Runners
Class 103 Mold Guaranteed to 100,000 Side & Rotary Cores
Class 104 Mold Guaranteed to 5,000 Mold Qualifications & Validation

* Excludes consumables such as slides, core pulls etc.

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